Brands exist in the minds of people.

Everything has a brand; people, products, places and things.

A brand is the story people tell themselves about you (or products, places or things).

This story is based on the interwoven web of memories and experiences they have ever had with you.

Their personal story about you will never match the true you.

No one knows every facet of Marilyn Monroes life, no one has experienced every Coca Cola in the world, no one can see inside Elon Musk’s mind.

But being in charge of your brand, means making every effort possible to communicate, with clarity and consistency, what your value is. Why you are better, easier, more enjoyable or cheaper.

The goal of branding is to create enough of a story of value in the minds of your customers that they will choose your brand over the alternatives.

Tell your story consistently and persistently. Always show up, every day, again and again, and tell that story.

If you are not the choice people turn to in a time of need, you have no brand value.

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